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Experienced Design, Fabrication and Delivery of your Metal Building is only a Phone Call away
  All of our buildings are
   AISC Certified
  Texas Metal Buildings provides a superior high quality, pre-engineered Steel building.  For your new building to yield optimum integrity and durability, proper assembly is required.  The "Texas Metal Buildings Assembly and Safety Manual" provides detailed and general assembly instructions, and is intended to be a general aid to your Pre-Engineered Drawings, which dictate specific building parts and general construction details.  
The manufacturer(s) intends that the manual be interpreted and administered with sound judgment consistent with good safety practices.

Prior to construction, it is recommended that you read the "Texas Metal Buildings Assembly and Safety Manual" and thoroughly study the provided  “Pre-Engineered Drawings”.   Understanding the assembly process allows the erector to properly plan the assembly and help avoid unnecessary delays.

Ensure that the transport company has sufficient permission and general access to the building site.
To perform the tasks required for building assembly, confirm that the building site has adequate workspace.
The availability of any required utilities should also be considered at this time.

Foundation design and construction are important to the assembly process.  
Texas Metal Buildings will furnish anchor bolt drawings to out line guidelines and considerations for foundation design.  Your Texas Metal Building has been manufactured to extremely close tolerances; therefore your foundation must posses the same characteristics.
Warning:  The accuracy of foundation construction and anchor bolt settings is the most important factor in achieving trouble-free component alignment and fit-up.  Foundation errors and mis-location of anchor bolts are among the most frequent and troublesome errors made in metal building construction.
Notice:  The foundation and erection contractor(s) should supply all necessary tools and equipment.
1. It is recommended that the foundation be designed by an experienced foundation engineer and coordinated with all  
    local city, county and state codes.
2. The foundation must be square, level and smooth.
3. Anchor bolts must be set within +/- 1/16” of the specified anchor bolt drawing dimensions. 
Notice:  The foundation contractor is responsible for providing all “embedded” structural steel, i.e. wire mesh, reinforcing bars and anchor bolts.
Important:  A final inspection of all foundation requirements should be conducted prior to pouring concrete. Make sure that all foundation requirements are present and accurate.
  The transport vehicle must gain access to the building site from the adjacent highway or road.  Such access should be prepared in advance of arrival.  All obstructions, overhead and otherwise, must be removed  and the route must be able to sustain heavy wheel loads
  As materials are unloaded, to minimize lifting and re-handling during assembly, locate the parts near where they will be used (time spent planning this evolution will eliminate wasted time and costly double handling).
Safety Precaution:  Prior to unloading locate all overhead obstructions and powerlines.
  Bundled components are pre-arranged and coordinated for easy installation.  A Forklift or crane with a spreader bar is highly recommended, Unloading with a small farm tractor in not recommended, as on larger buildings some bundled components may exceed 3,000lbs.
Tip:  Thoroughly review "Texas Metal Buildings Assembly & Safety Manual" prior to receiving shipment. 
  Many methods and procedures are utilized for erecting metal buildings.  The installation procedures employed depend on the crew experience level, type and size of building, available equipment and working conditions.
  The “Texas Metal Buildings Assembly & Safety Manual” is only a general guide and does not address every acceptable installation procedure.  In all cases, the Builder must comply with applicable safety precautions whether statutory, regulatory or customary.  Even the most general steel handling common practices may result in injury or improper installation if not conducted properly.
Tip:  Purchase only industrial rated, top quality tools for building installation.  Always use the correct tool for the job.  Maintaining equipment and tools in a safe, clean condition reduces injuries, lowers replacement expense and encourages workers to take pride in their work.
  All ridgid frame sidewalls must be erected first, rafters and purlins will be installed second, cable bracing third.
Tip:  Do not tighten mounting hardware at this time as column adjustment may be necessary.
  Plumb, Square and secure the ridgid frames and bays
  Erect bearing endwall components, girts and rafters
  Plumb, Square and secure endwall components, girts and rafters
  Install framed openings, base angle and rake angle
  Starting from the base plates and confirm that all connections are in place and tightened
  To prepare for panel sheeting, temporarily support girts with wooden kickers  (to prevent any sagging)
“PBR” Panel is used for both roof and wall applications, the extended support leg on the leading edge of the panel provides better nesting of the overlapping rib of the next panel and ease of installation.  
Tip:  When laying out stacks of panels (10 minimum for pre drilling) around the building prior to installation make sure 
        to secure them as necessary to prevent them from being blown by the wind.
Tip:  Pre drilling (use a 1/8” drill bit) is not necessary but… starting the screws will be easier and evenly aligned screw  
        placement will yield a much more professional appearance.
Prepare to Install the "starting sidewall panel", if applicable hang your insulation, place fit the panel to confirm it is the proper length (the panel should not touch the concrete lip nor extend past the eave strut) insure that the panel is plumb and that the purlin bearing leg is to the side that the next sheet will be placed, repeat.
Note:  Butyl rubber tape is not used on the sidewall panel installation.
Remove temporary wooden kickers, trim out framed openings as necessary
Separate endwall panels in groups of like lengths (for pre-drilling pilot holes), starting at an endwall corner place fit the panel to confirm it is the proper length.
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The following excerpts will provide a brief synopsis of basic general steel building procedures and what is contained in the 
"Texas Metal Buildings Assembly and Safety Manual" we encourage all prospective customers to download the manual and be familiar with basic and general steel erection practices and procedures. It is a large file but it is free and upon your purchase of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building from Texas Metal Buildings we will send you a  your  “Pre-Engineered Construction Drawings”.
If at anytime you need assistance please call Your Steel Building CompanyTexas Metal Buildings,   361-758-3030
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Texas Metal Buildings offers a full line of rugged Agricultural, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Oil and Gas, Petro Chemical, Refinery, Mining, Commercial, Compressor Buildings, General Residential Buildings, Hay Barns and Equipment sheds.

Supplying Steel Building Design, Engineering and Supply for City, State, Military, National, Private, Disaster Relief, Oil Exploration, Mining, Farming, Ranching, Tourist, Aviation, Public Sector Entities.
A Texas Metal Building can be erected on a concrete slab or on piers and can be custom designed to meet all your storage, general safety and equipment protection needs.

We believe that building with Steel is the most Cost Effective and Eco Friendly Building System.  We want our Customers to know that a Steel Building System is a Safe, High Quality, Environmentally Safe superior building solution. 

Homeowners, Farmers and Ranchers can protect their vehicles, equipment, tools and work your cattle and horses in comfort and safety. We design with your needs in mind, surpassing traditional construction methods with benefits that include initial cost savings, pre-planning for your needs, simple erection, a Steel Building is Insurance friendly and a Texas Metal Building with our optional Galvanized Primary and Secondary Structure will require much less to no maintenance, will result in an Environmentally Responsible building that will last even in the harshest of Environments.

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